Introduction to personal development life coaching and self help blog

It’s never too late to start, right?

Here’s where I’m at – in the middle of 2016, I decided to “fix my life.” I got to the point where I looked at everything I was doing in my life and came to the ultimate realization that I am not happy. Not in any measurable way whatsoever.

It’s a remarkable thing, taking a look at your own life and thinking, “oh my, this isn’t the way things are supposed to be.” It’s even more remarkable to actually do something about it.

It’s been a year of bumbling and fumbling and making a significant amount of progress but with little-to-no accountability. So I decided to start writing about it – mostly out of the need for an outlet to put down all of my thoughts somewhere but also out of a need to keep a public record of quasi-accountability. Additionally, I highly doubt that I’m the only 30-something millennial who is experiencing the harsh reality of needing to be an adult. So hopefully by documenting my journey to a better life, I am able to inspire one person to change their patterns, take a closer look at their lives and commit to concrete actions that will improve their happiness, that’d be really great too.

But don’t kid yourself – the perspective I plan to take is purely personal – hop on board if you want – but keep your outward negativity to yourself. You’ll find that your harsh reaction to judge, critique, or find holes is a manifestation of your own bullshit. Essentially, what you say, positive or negative, says more about you than it does about me.

There’ll be things that frustrate you, ideas you disagree with, and posts/thoughts/viewpoints that will probably offend you and, knowing me, some rather long pauses without content. But, and I should’ve said this a long time ago, it doesn’t matter to me.

So here’s what I can promise:

  • to be fair, open and honest about my personal journey and my struggles
  • to be accountable to myself
  • to strive to be the best possible version of myself
  • to pour my energy, time, heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears into my Self and my relationships with others
  • to write about it as often as possible

Here we go!